kate flynn
terminal project.
departure:  take me back to san francisco.  drawing by paul madonna, creator of the san francisco chronicle strip “all over coffee”. 
photos taken for investigative purposes delving into the laborious process of creating an “egg-in-a-basket” breakfast sandwich, 2006.
interior elevations and renderings created using AutoCAD, Autodesk VIZ and Photoshop showcasing the fictional greek-inspired restaurant concept, 2007.
fictional storefront location for my fictional greek-inspired restaurant concept, 2007.
brace lab concept image, 2006.
screen printed textile, then applied natural dyes using carrot, beet root, grass, saffron, and red cabbage.
children’s retail space storyboard, 2006.
my new brand.
I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint.
— Elsie de Wolfe
section-cuts & elevations, hand-drawn & lettered, for a rudolph umland-inspired interior, 2007.
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