kate flynn
C.  pen and ink.
Guy de Cointet, Night, Night…, 1976
tulip I.  pen and ink. 
tulip II.  pen and ink. 
update:  moved to brooklyn.  started working in fashion.  will try to keep this up to date.  doing some really interesting things. 
mass mailer for tweed couch.
universal project.  commandeering the process/execution of the decorative carpet patterns at the new children’s hospital addition in omaha, ne.
pictures of the work in progress below.
final logo design on final business card design for tweed couch.  i think it turned out nicely.
» Laurie Victor Kay

departure:  i met up with my former boss, caitlin moran, a few months ago while in san francisco.  she mentioned that a photographer from omaha stopped into her store, found, a few months before.

full-color pattern repeat screen print.
full-color repeat yardage on linen and painted with food-based dyes.
illustration i made for my expectant cousin.
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